The biggest (future) football stars in Bielsko-Biała

17 kwi 2019

With 504 of the world’s most talented players taking part in the FIFA U-20 World Cup Poland 2019 the tournament provides a unique opportunity to see the raising stars live. The chance to watch them in action will be given not only to fans but also to scauts, who are on the lookout for the greatest football talents across the globe.

Parties interested in scout ticketing programme should submit a request in form of a scanned letter, written on the company’s offcial  letterhead,  on the behalf of a club or a federation to Candidates who recive a postive answer will be able to register in the programme.  Individuals that do not represent a federation or a club cannot request the tickets through the programme. 

Considering that the gropus representing Argentina or Portugal will be playing in Bielsko-Biała the most recognized talent scouts are expected to show up.

Football fans  who do not want to miss the opportunity to see up-and-coming names should apply for the tickets right away. We remind you that they are only available online. Please visit



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