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10 kwi 2019

One says it is a city surrounded by mountains, a historical city, a city with beautiful architecture, a city of young people, a city of enterprising people, a city of a hundred industries, a city of culture, a fairy-tales’ city ...

There are countless such descriptions and it is extremely difficult to choose one that would define the city more accurately than the others. On the one hand, Bielsko-Biała is a self-fulfilled city, on the other, it never stops seeking new solutions and undertaking new challenges.

The city’s most valuable resource is its hilly location at the foot of the Beskidy Mountains. Numerous hiking trails start here; leading up to the top of Klimczok, Dębowiec or Szyndzielnia. The scenic paths in the leafy district of Cygański Las or around a dam in the Valley of Wapienica beckon hikers. Winter is a time for skiing, snowboarding and sleigh rides, and summer for walking, cycling and horse riding. Seasoned cyclists hone their skills on the challenging Enduro mountain trails. The nearby lakes and surrounding areas are a paradise for sailors, gliders, hang gliders and paragliders. Futsal, football, volleyball and martial arts - these are the dominant in the city sport fields.

The location of the city, at an equal distance from Warsaw, Vienna, Prague and Budapest, is conducive to economic prosperity. Accumulated over centuries, the present wealth of the city is a result of activity of enterprising elites, whether from Catholic, Jewish or Protestant backgrounds, who strived to make the city a comfortable, beautiful and modern place to live. It was in Bielsko that the first tram line was established in this part of Europe; this was followed by the construction of a water and sewage system, and telephones appeared almost immediately after Bell’s invention. From here, the highest-quality woollen fabrics travelled all around Europe and overseas.

Perched on a hill is the Old Town with Sułkowski Castle. Today, it houses the Historical Museum with the beautiful interiors and unique collections of art. The Old Town Square, mostly crowded with young people, is full of life from early spring to late autumn; resounding with music, conversation, the laughter of guests, sitting in the flower-filled cafés.

The economic media proclaims that Bielsko-Biała has potential and that business feels at home here. The citizens of the city were always enterprising people. Firstly they were spinners and weavers, then they built textile mills, followed by cars, planes and modern machinery. But spiritual and cultural needs have never been ignored; the Polish Theatre in Bielsko-Biała have had 125-year tradition, Puppet Theatre keeps winning international competitions, crowds of guests are attracted to numerous music, art and photoart festivals.

The popular fairy-tale characters, such as: Reksio, Bolek and Lolek, Wawel Dragon, Bartolini Bartłomiej, or Spy from the Rainland, were born in Bielsko-Biała Cartoon Film Studio. Reksio, Bolek and Lolek even have their monuments here.

Bielsko-Biała is a good city to study, work and rest. A city to visit and live in! 

Everyone is invited!

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